BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Friday, 29 April 2011

Kate Middleton Wedding dress and Evening Gown

If she didn't confirm the obvious, I'll state it one more time...MODESTY IS THE BEST FASHION POLICY...Kate looked amazing, elegant, flawless and she wore what I've always believed to be a brides best friend LACE!!!!!! Wohooo go Kate for getting it right and then the silk just took my breath away. The FABULOUS designer was of course Alexander McQueen I was really just waiting on that dress and her evening gown which was also designed by Alexander McQueen...Here are some pic's for you to enjoy..

21 baby!

SubhanAllah can't believe I'm 21 lol it was hard enough coming to turns with 20. Alhamdulilah I've experienced so many blessings and mercy from Allah swt! The next couple of months are going to require a lot of hard work BUT all the love that I've been shown by all the beautiful lovely people in my life has given me STRENGTH! Thanking Allah for giving me another year to pray, love, smile and share more with everything and everyone. May we all Thank our creator for giving us more time to work in his favour!! LOVE LOVE LOVE and nothing but it! Happpyyyyy 21st B'day to me! (yesterday lolol) 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dina The Designer...showcases her Look

Another reason why we ALL need a white or coloured blazer...this is DINA TOKI-O (the designer) look to a wedding. Isn't she gorjjjjj mA! 

Words of Wisdom

Wisam Sharieff briefly explains why Muslims should participate in humanitarian efforts around the world. Any beautiful setting or environment on earth can become a site for disaster when the Mercy of Allah is removed from it. Whether the cause of suffering is a tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hunger, oppression, or flood, Muslims should take the initiative to support and aid fellow human beings in their struggles.

The Blazer LOOK!

salaams my beauties, I'm currently still designing stuff, i have a couple of looks and have yet to get them finalized and put into motion. So remember me in your duas. Once finals are, wedding plans are done...I'll def be featuring my own designs. BUT FOR NOW...I'll show case my favourite fashion pieces! THE BLAZER LOOK NEVER GETS OLD! I know own 5 mashaAllah lol (HOT PINK, BEIGE, WHITE, NAVY BLUE AND BLACK) TRUST ME YOU WONT REGRET BUYING AT LEAST ONE...

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Salaams loves, So due to FINALS and too many friends Alhamdulilah! My first 21st celebration came EARLY! It was BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! Plus the cake was scrumptioussssss...SO I'LL BE FEATURING THE OUTFIT! Be inspired.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Be inspired...

Some Visual Inspiration for your mind...


Whats Your FAVOURITE summer OUTFIT?

Salaams LoveS,

 I haven't done a blog on Fashion in a while, so I was looking through the new trends and I realised every individual has a SUMMER FAVOURITE! So I decided to feature my summer obsessions, this is PART 1!  YES I LOVE MAXI DRESSES!! Be inspired, Be beautiful, Be whatever you want as long as it favours the light of your faith...Yes modesty is the key to eternal beauty <3. I love you all for the sake of Allah! Those who follow, those who ask me to feature certain topics, those who compliment and make dua! You are all so amazing and inspire me to keep sharing! May Allah allow us all to be kind, just and loving towards each other! Ameen...ENJOY

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Don't deny yourself true LOVE

Salaam Alaikum Sweethearts

So many Women/Men famously walk around and disclaim the existence of love, It's become far to ordinary to not believe. I have repeatedly told many sisters and brothers within my social networks, that LOVE is a forever existing pulse and being part of a UMMAH which is the Islamic shell in which our fellow brothers and sisters are present in how can love not be ALIVE? when we pass each other with bright smiles and sweet greetings, when we ask of how ones family, friends are etc, I know you must be thinking that love and the "be with someone" type of love is different, I disagree if you believe in love between siblings and friends I ask you what will your mate be to you? you are naturally Muslim brother and sister right? and InshaAllah he or she will become your BEST FRIEND. So if anything you NOW understand why it is half of your deen. For you to be granted with what you deserve, you MUST let go of negative environment influences and views, be you own person, be in love with loving, with people, with children. Maybe you have been hurt before but everything that comes your way is to beneifit your inner growth, your suppose to grow and let go. Do not suppress bad feelings towards those that do wrong, make excuses for them and move from it...

Love, Faith and BLESSINGS

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

one WORD "Leftist" If you don't know, FIND OUT


Described, by those who listen, as Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock and Soul wrapped in one, the group Leftist consists of the diverse talents of Nurideen Bashir, Mouhamad Diabate, Mahir Maruf and Ismail Nicolas. While many performers may boast of having eclectic styles, the Maryland natives are the truest essence of diversity and uniqueness.

Mahir a.k.a. Bruce Wayne (on guitar) is of Indian dissent while Diabate (on bass) was born in Cote D'ivoire. They are backed by Ish (on drums) of Haitian and Pakistani heritage and fronted by Deen (on the mic) who was born in the U.S. of A.



Monday, 11 April 2011

I am RICH in LOVE, Faith and Goodness!!!! Alhamdulilah


No purpose, No life...

The year is like a tree, months are its branches, days are the branch sticks, hours are its leaves, and the breaths are its fruits. Therefore, if one's breaths are in obedience [to Allah and His Messenger], the fruits of his tree are good. If they are in disobedience, his fruits are bitter. The harvest is on the Appointed Day, when one's fruits are found out to be either good or bitter.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Black Rose

Bismillahi rahmani raheem/ Greetings Earthlings

We were promised these dusty petals of a black rose
Scornful as we lay ravished... and we had only just met...
...had only just soaked into each other’s region

I withered into a lustrous lilt
Penetrating palettes of dissolved whispers,
Illuminating somewhere in-between the earth and the stars
Or maybe right there next to Pluto

Unfamiliar with these harmonies that you embedded within me
Half shadowed but succulent like a classical acoustic guitar
Enticed by audacious shades that make no sense to those that forgot to believe

Exhale your infectious being onto me
As I draw you closer.
Vulnerable to your undying gape
Intertwined with a fallen eclipse, I’m unravelled in a maze that gloom your fingertips

Struggles are like wild flowers and scented oils
And love reminds me of hills

Wind gushing
Knees cackling
Smiles awakening

Now I was in the midst of calling you supernatural
When you put your hands on my womb and said “birth me a mystical queen”
Amongst tender light you handed me the instrumentals of my stride
I was taken, leaves yellow and graves cushioned
Bathing in conversations that mastered the painting of corresponding with
the ocean in-between

Eyes open
Lips locked

Saturated in those currents that coil our outlines into a blush
As the blessings inhale us
A prance gravitates between the clouds
And my waist balances off your smirk
Native tongues ring around your pupils and sight your taste with sun kissed conversations

Venus cried, sun and moon utilize those many skies that have witness a black rose
Offshore and extinct to anything that doesn’t kiss my lips like soaring wings

Paranormal Ecstasy

He glistened as she resembled the awakening of dawns blushing glow
Brown and crisp…
He envisioned his ripened skin toasting into the savouring tone of hers
No longer bland and forever a descendent of the sun
As he pacified her internal organs into a blend of seasoning chills
Feasting her hunger
Her limbs shattered into confessions
And he cradled himself into her palms
Nesting his fears in-between her fingertips
Miraculously tangible in moonlights and midnight stars
Enriching the outcries of their lustful love
Because she was lustful
And he could never rid the lust for her
He only wished that he would deepen into her while the sun rose on their enticement
The liquid lure within oozed …take me I’m yours…

And he sighted majesty every second his eyes fell upon her dynamic draft
He could complete her sketch with a kings Symphony

She wished him splendours that only she could endure him in.
All this in the heist of their own vicinity
Being the pelvis to their immortally
They sensually stroked their powers to human
She continued to lavish his intoxicating sanity
Being the drench that left his thirst in immiscible heights
They continued to heave past and beyond each others chemistry
Till quenched in serenities madness
Soothing their wakes to sleep
Singing into the strings of their pores
As their body’s laid seeping into each other
Breast to chest in sweetness of a sugary aroma
Belly to belly
Becoming one harmonious rhythm
Corresponding the raptures of paradise
Willingly wrenched to Pluto’s gravity
As they tugged the tendering foams of the paranormal
Because they were un-natural in the mist of their magic
And that was what I envied…
The powers of love in the haze of humanity 

Million Times Over

Siphoned your beauty from the world and into a sugary aroma
Sweet indeed
Right then it was enough…
I told you how the sea spat me out like a lost penny…told me to return to you
I began to suspend myself underneath the sunrise
Willows quarreled in high pitch; said you'd come in an instant…if you knew
The wind chuckled about how it told you…
The rivers ruffled your name while murmuring "any second now"
My heartbeats raced to the moon and back…the moon declared them fast, excited; in love…
You appeared in the midst of winter's purple…
My eyes flew to your sight and that was it…I was yours
Counting stars in your arms
Watching your eyes twinkle in that mystic vibe
God was grateful that we found each other through his light
But now we could dance…
Maybe even slow dance
Or salsa
But we were destined to dance
Right here…right now…FOREVER
And only with each other…
See that's what captured me…the way we swayed and moved
Like we've done this a million times over
My throat felt heavy when you spoke
It's like the lingering liquid inside its depth
Knew I loved you just as much as my heart did.
What was I to say? That I didn't?
It would have laughed and tickled me till I confessed.
So I just let it slip off my tongue
It sounded so beautiful…our first lullaby
Like how I imagine my first time
I could fall asleep with mouthfuls of I love you
While tasting the sweet nectar of your response, dangling off its juices…buzzing from its caramel melt
The green vigour on the earth sang to me every dawn as the corners of my lips shrouded your smile…
I doubted this was love after the first morning…no this was greater…you were greater and beside you so was I
This was faith.
And maybe one day we could say it was fate
Exhaling because this feels magnificent
Like Gold to a peasant,
Wings to a bird,
Candy to a child,
Birth to a mother,
This was us
Spanish strings and motion ambrosia
Simply us…
It always had been…we just only found out
And again we swayed and moved like we've done this a million times over
Or maybe we did…in another life
I had a dream we gravitated on top of the universe…I let you see it through my eyes…it was special…you were awestruck
Said you'd become the music to my footsteps
Plus the grip to my eyes
The prints on my fingertips
You and I
The clouds were our floor for the longest
You felt so good up there…
I hope you felt the curve to my coated flakes, the lungs to its flaw
Inhale…because this doesn't exist after me
So breathe…
Please breathe
I'll catch the smoothness of your skin in my next dream…
Can't wait to see you beam
To love higher than we've ever known to love…till the world begs us to stop because of that overwhelming sense to jump out of a plane just so gravity could grasp you fast.
But again it feels like we've done this a million times over
Right underneath your sun.
I never stopped dancing in your arms.
Cause after you this doesn't exist.
So I'm promised a dance for now 

Friday, 8 April 2011

The STRENGTH of Bismillah

Today I had the most vibrant and interesting conversation with some fellow muslims. Made me question DO WE PURIFY OUR ACTIONS. How often do we say Bismilah, Have we forgotton the power of starting everything with your right hand and feet and then Exercising our tongues to be righteous. We can make every act a step towards Allah, therefore Allah protects us throughout the day subhanAllah, I am now working on that. Lately I’ve been stressed, a little weak and unwell and this had me wondering have I purified my scenery, chased the bad energy away before I graced any place or anyone with my presence. Want for your brother/sister what you want for yourself…So please say Bismilah, MashaAllah, InshaAllah, Alhamdulilah! Read your duas, say salaam Alaikum even to an empty house or room…Walk by faith and not by sight.

May Allah Grant us Janah and Allow us to run towards him inshaAllah!!!!


Thursday, 7 April 2011


Do I straddle your soul on the crepes of my shoulders?
As if it was the kiss to awake me from death...
The death of having to await your presence, even though your body is here…present
It almost feels as if I am dragging your gaze from a distant…
Yet you are vivid, and my shoulders are heavy
And my pupils are circling you existence
Like the solar system
You have the world in full rotation
Obsessively we are in debt to your incision
Your incision to our seasons
Our seasons scented with your completion
We are high off this circular division
That has stained the clear glass and taken our bodies in hostage
We are in prison
Yet we are full of high beams and green leaves
In exile to a kiss unmasked...

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


See they had crucified the art of loving her science
So she could suckle past her thrown
Knees bent as she dusted the footpath for a no good, half priced illusion
And she allowed it…
Her palms unable to interlock with the sun
Her now an object, has no shadow to recline in
No man to announce stars in her lining
Yes in all her delicacy
She was the furthest from a royal highness
But she denied it
Said that she preferred a man to silence


In her
I had swelled openly...
Naked in sincerity of being within her shelter
Her pulse had tightened around my corpse
Yet my hands hadn’t left her thighs
As she sipped on the wine of eternal magnificence
We couldn’t perish in the midst of a revolution...instead
We lay immortal beneath the earth’s crust

and my words wouldn't suffice what the heavens had promised
Wretched with a rotten world, she easily drifted the horizon to clasp my senses in her oriented barrel
As I turned to face her...still but flowing in her hollow
She had become too sweet to swallow


It was like I was willingly to invoke a new language, Just so it could trickle down you ears blinded. 
Feeding the inner cord strings, like you'd feed a corn field
All that nourishment had me excited...we were crossing the path of impossible..
they didn't understand that I had to learn to appreciate the rain clouds before I bloomed in the sunlight.
and if I couldn't love my own petals, it would be to foreign to paint the landscape with all and everything God had graced us.
See at that moment in time I felt like we friends more than lovers,
He could make laughter beat through the African drums in the west, yet I was present in the north. 
Cunning in the sense of an eternal swing, feet to short to kiss the ground beneath but always effortless against the wind.
Now I had began to see him as a lover, Evolving on the Earth sphere..
Crafting our own spectacular bubble...
this time his hands were on my waist instead of laying on the inside of my palms...
and i was fine with it, better yet I was in love with the idea of a slow dance,
nothing proper just yearning to be free in his arms. 
This was the art of a bloom, it was constant 
he had become constant too...