BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Salaam/ Peace My Doves,

I am a FASHION FANATIC, seriously its something i passionly love, molding stuff i see on the streets, tv, magazines into a more modest feel. Living in London you are inspired EVERYDAY and Alhamdulilah by your own sisters. It's very strange to see a sister NOT HOLD IT DOWN lol literally!! When you feel good, look good, your RUNWAY through the world just seems a tad bit PLEASANT! So a sister on facebook really REALLY really caught my eye. Her designs are sassy and explosive. A Muslimah's creativity always has a beautiful elegance to it. SO if you havent logged on to DINA TOKI-O DESIGNS...I'LL give you a reason to inshaAllah! some of her designs are featured below...

PS, you can find her on facebook and i believe she currently has a blog. Sisters be inspired...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kabira One of the BIGGEST slums of Kenya!

Watching the people of the biggest slums in Kenya talk about faith, love and goals, they are in the midst of poverty, Aids, prostitution and they talk with light! Less negativity does alot even in the worst conditions subhanAllah! So whats stopping us achieving more than what we believe we can. The capacity of our life should amount to the capacity of our hearts! Not because I was born in Kenya, but because as humans, some-ones suffering and hardship should move us all, so we appreciate those people around us and what we've been blessed with even if within our community, what we have doesn't amount to much. Lets find comfort and stabilty in it.


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Know Your WORTH campaign begins NOW…

Ladies & Gentlemen,

My better half and I were discussing the importance of a Woman’s worth. It is amazing that oftentimes, as humans we forget to take care and nurture our own seed in the process of grooming someone elses garden; this is especially the case with females. Yes ladies it is almost as crucial as breathing, LOVE YOUR SELF. You are by far worth that and more; allow your life to manifest through YOUR self-worth and serving Allah/God. Do NOT cheapen yourself from that crown that has been and WILL BE FOREVER within you. I get it, women are nurturers, masha’Allah it is our gift to the world but when it has no balance to our purpose, it can and does become a curse. When your "gift" becomes more valuable than the person giving it (i.e. YOU) NO human mind could possibly comprehend your worth. Loving someone is GLORIOUS and being open completely and without doubt is magical BUT when it affects your happiness. STOP! THINK! REGROUP WITH YOU in mind and start over…like I said we must be able to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE AND GIVE ONCE MORE but AT LEAST two of those gives should be towards your lord; the other two are split between yourself and your mate while the last should be given to your family/the world. When we lose sight of the purpose of giving, which is to please Allah (swt) so you will find that generosity in paradise waiting for you BOTH, we become EXCESSIVE; a POISON that is disruptive to that loving growth we originally set out to nurture. Now there are some out there who will NEVER understand what we possess. This is because they don't see their own worth. Why hold onto someone who doesn't see you as priceless??? Move on. After all you're looking for ONE PERSON...ONE out of BILLIONS so its essential you find someone who compliments your own worth the way you, yourself have determined the value. Everything hangs off balance; allow him to understand that you LOVE yourself past your flaws and all so he may find a way to LOVE you better and vice versa…as my best friend put it..."No man will possibly see you as his queen if you treat yourself like his servant"

Love, Faith & Worth
Bloom into your INNER Rose