BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Paranormal Ecstasy

He glistened as she resembled the awakening of dawns blushing glow
Brown and crisp…
He envisioned his ripened skin toasting into the savouring tone of hers
No longer bland and forever a descendent of the sun
As he pacified her internal organs into a blend of seasoning chills
Feasting her hunger
Her limbs shattered into confessions
And he cradled himself into her palms
Nesting his fears in-between her fingertips
Miraculously tangible in moonlights and midnight stars
Enriching the outcries of their lustful love
Because she was lustful
And he could never rid the lust for her
He only wished that he would deepen into her while the sun rose on their enticement
The liquid lure within oozed …take me I’m yours…

And he sighted majesty every second his eyes fell upon her dynamic draft
He could complete her sketch with a kings Symphony

She wished him splendours that only she could endure him in.
All this in the heist of their own vicinity
Being the pelvis to their immortally
They sensually stroked their powers to human
She continued to lavish his intoxicating sanity
Being the drench that left his thirst in immiscible heights
They continued to heave past and beyond each others chemistry
Till quenched in serenities madness
Soothing their wakes to sleep
Singing into the strings of their pores
As their body’s laid seeping into each other
Breast to chest in sweetness of a sugary aroma
Belly to belly
Becoming one harmonious rhythm
Corresponding the raptures of paradise
Willingly wrenched to Pluto’s gravity
As they tugged the tendering foams of the paranormal
Because they were un-natural in the mist of their magic
And that was what I envied…
The powers of love in the haze of humanity 

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  1. this is my favourite one of all time. This was love at first sight for me; i fell in love with this poem when i only even saw the title. This poem is so beautiful, every word is meant to be where it is and yet again a very smartly written piece of art. I cannot possibly pick out a line a highlight cos then id just be highlighting the whole thing. SubhanAllah.

    Masha'Allah 3aleeki.