BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wear A Pink Hijab For Breast Cancer Awareness

Salaam alaikum/Peace&blessings upon you all.

I pray your well, being productive for the sake of your lord. Yes its been a while. Busy busy busy but inshaAllah soon enough you'll get to digest what I have been working and creating. May Allah be pleased with all our efforts. So yes wear a pink hijab for Breast cancer was on the 1st of october, I hope all you fellow hijabis took part in the efforts to raise awareness, also I hope you did some research and educated yourselves. Always Always Always remember to educate yourselves before you take part in anything.  I'm working on a BREAST cancer campaign with a fellow team mate. IsA they will include facts/statistic and charties as well as lovely pink outfits. But for now...stay blessed, stay awake and educate your soul.

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