BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Infinite Wilderness

An infinite wilderness of vein dosages
Sniffled crack feins of a dream
That doesn’t read the mathematics of their ancestors
Infectious to the youth
A mother’s cradle lies in grave yards
Waiting for her sons to wake
As they rest on a unbreakable melody
Savages as a white supremacist would define us
Our tones can’t reach their requirements
Hispanic blood is to dark to be a free world
God’s environment had once become a slave ship
Dangling bodies of its sphere
Leaving scarlet imprints on the outer crust of dreams
Birthing black on black crime
Guns are the keys to manhood
Fathers are told proof
You are not one without a heartless outline
Queens are now ravelled in confinement
Seasoning offspring’s in alleyways
Unable to refine their attributes to elevate on clouds and spark stars in daylight

In the mind we’re all keyed locked to silence
Solitude in our vessels
Hungry to the pit of our bowel
Missing ourselves without distance
Rocking to the drums that don’t favour our faith
Or agree to the arrangement of our face

Missed the cups of a raindrop
To nourish visible crowns in
Rosa parks dived in those heavenly droplets
The masters of art are unable to craft this universe
Because we have failed to skill our minds to FREEDOM

All we have now is a vacant canvas
As the colours are restrained in its shell till a risen seed takes heed
And balances

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  1. This is beautiful fahima, mashAllah, keep it up!!

  2. Wait, I never heard this one. You have some really REALLY powerful concepts in here. I'm gonna have to explore some of the words you put in here...