BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Salaams love,

I owe you guys a outfit of the day since its been FOREVER yeah Found this skirt for such a steal from New Look and this shoes were on sale last year from primark. I'm demostrating a turban style hijab BUT I am covering my neck using the hijab. This is a funky primark hijab, not my usual style but its fun. My earrings were £2 from topshop (sale) and my messenger bag is also from topshop, white loose shirt is from Miss Selfridge....thats all my LOVEs.


  1. wow love your style>,< following, mind to visit me back and follow me to :)

    best regards from Indonesia
    Ian Afifah

  2. Thank you sweetie! Will follow you back.


  3. LOve this style ma'am ;) Many hijabis feel like they have to commit to a specific style, or they do it just cause it's easier. But, I wear my hijab in all different ways. Same with my clothes. It's just funny how if I'm wearing an all black abaya and hijab people view me different than if I'm wearing some jeans, tunic and head wrap. I'm not trying to make a statement either way, that's just me expressing myself, wearing what makes me feel good that day! Only approval I seek is from Allah :)