BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Sunday, 20 May 2012

How is it that your black is sooo beautiful?

Your Black is so beautiful… subhan’Allah…
Especially when I wake up to him…
See he had always said that the golden different shades in my skin had been something quite phenomenal in his life
And I remained silent 
But now it’s almost impossible for me to bear, like vomit…it sits so even a breath can’t be spared
No my sweetness, your definition of black is impeccable
You are like a wilderness animal lurking between a rising moon and settling sun…
Your hands are big enough to cup my face so I can glare into eyes that always stay smiling
And if it were not enough…your freckles are like Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs, leading me somewhere home
So goodness how is it that your black is so beautiful
Even you’re oddly shape fingers remind me of a heavenly constellation…
And your mouth is the most precious…your kiss and secrets cushion my existence,
You are my sugar sachets…this rented high wholesome feeling
In the delicacy of a full bosom or a raging crescent blackout
And I will never get over how beautiful your black is…it is so that
If I could prevent your thirst I would combine our mouths where I feel the strains and you feel the glory as we emerge into one…
Native tongues dancing in holy water
it would be as if you were an orchid born every Sunday morning and I was the vase gleaming to be entered…
And this would be our most humbled moment…water, sun and air…feeding our definition of the beauty in black…
Love From A constant BlOoMing ROSE

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  1. DAMN. That was magnificent mA. You make words dance.