BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Thursday, 4 August 2011

REVIEW ON "Deen Tight" by Mustafa Davis

As Salaam Alaikum,

Ramadhan Kareem, The month of MERCY! subhanAllah, thinking of those that couldn't make this Ramadhan can only allow you to offer thanks to the most let's cleanse the soul and allow ourselves to continue to be righteous inshaAllah.

Recently I watched Mustafa Davis' documentary film "Deen Tight". It was quite the experience. I pray that inshaAllah it will do exactly what it's intended to do, and that's inspire people to seek the good, the better and the humble within themselves and others. Allah is merciful and we are at times his grain of mercy, so when we disconnect ourselves from something only to see or watch the goodness manifest in others, its our duty as Muslims to applaud each other. I think the movie should allow us to understand the different connections people have to their faith, where it came from and how they feel they serve Allah's word and the prophet's PBUH message. We are all of different forms, with different purposes in life so how we feel we contribute to ourselves in faith and others in faith will NEVER be the same as our fellow brothers and sisters. We are of the same cloth but of different ends. So to see the debate or moreso, the discussion on music and hip-hop culture among Muslims was by far interesting BUT what was far more gripping about the film was the questions that came after...can we really dictate some-ones intentions and DO we know exactly how Allah SWT measures the goodness within the soul...‎"The fundamental fact is that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke in the language of the people. And the language of today's youth is hip hop." - Adisa Banjoko...Knowledge is one thing but understanding is another..Adisa Banjoka's understanding to me hit the nail, could we really, at this point only communicate with the youth through music? Could this be our middle ground? Do we need that connection with the youth or should we continue to IGNORE them and allow the nonsense to poison and infect their potential to be leading examples for Muslims..Hmmm...Food For Thought!
"Niyah" growing up my mother allows stressed that I should not partake in anything without FIRST looking at my intentions "Niyah" because a good deed is wasted without good intentions. Liza Garza said one of the most heaviest lines your ears could have witnessed...hearing that one day before ramadhan just cleared the mist around, I do not remember her words exactly but this is my translation, my understanding of her wisdom...You seek to serve only goodness and Allah shapes you, almost as if you are transparent and those that see you coming can see the goodness radiant through you, to the point where they do not seek the form in which you present your goodness, but instead want to quench their thirst in it, to the point where only the water matters and the glass is nothing but a mere object that is standing in their way of what you ‎have to offer... subhanAllah. After watching that amazing movie by Mustafa Davis, I was almost hurt that most Muslims didn't grasp the POINT of the whole movie, it wasn't to SOLVE the issues of music or whether it is Haraam (FORBIDDEN) or Halal (Permissible) it was aimed to allow us to UNDERSTAND each other. Sometimes as Muslims we can be extremely tough to connect with because WE feel the need to be right and Judgmental, can we really say we have that right to prosecute others interpretation of their Islam....THEIR is the key word. I enjoyed the movie and would tell you to not miss this weekends online screening. Look deeper and seek to understand. Bravo Bravo Mustafa Davis, you did an incredible job mashaAllah. I'll leave this from a note from the man himself. Salaams/Peace. May your Fast today be full of MERCY, and may you be granted the ability to show MERCY inshaAllah.

People are messaging me asking what my stance on MUSIC is. Here is my stance: If you believe music is impermissible then I support you in this and commend you for your dedication to the Deen. If you believe music is permissible then I support you in this and commend you for your dedication to the Deen. - Mustafa Davis

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