BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Monday, 22 August 2011


SubhanAllah how fast did Ramadhan come by, close to flying by? GAME changer...Lately I've been thinking about death alot. Its always on my mind and the process in which we will all have to face...The soul leaving our bodies, the grave, the awakening of the day of judgment and the judgement day itself...have we prepared. Are we ready? have we done right by each other? Well regardless of what the answer is, it is never to late when today is here, in your please brothers and sisters...reflect, reconnect and lets always remember the goal on this dunya...which is...drumroll...inshaAlllah Jannah. Allah swt is ever so merciful, so seek his mercy inshaAllah. Love you all for the sake of Allah swt!

Salaam Alaikum

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