BloOming with the flowers

BloOming with the flowers

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I just want to remember god with you…
Like the dents of a marble court, we once swelled into movement
Drunken off the sweat dripping from heavens sunlight
Yes I had become too fragile in this glory of you and I remembering GOD
Of you and I working for symphonies inside of our inner violin
It’s like I’m walking on the edges of “will you hold me in the same skin shell as you did on Earth”
Or would he feel more close to…never-mind that’s too sacred for the lips to unveil…
And I know you want to remember God with me
As if no other women had moved your eyeballs
And in the sense my beauty was the only thing close to defining YOUR reflection
Taking more breaths that bleed no eternal death
But birth undying life...


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